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Vince Chafin: Workshops

“All of us were treated to the extraordinary musical talent and experience of Vince. His teaching method is heart driven, constantly searching for those basic techniques to assist you in your flute journey, fortifying the learning process by demonstrating examples and offering training exercises, all perceived by a talented musician’s compassionate eye. Thanks Vince for your dedication in providing an atmosphere of love, understanding and learning – you present an incredible gift.”
Bill Timothy, President, Central Coast Flute Circle,

Workshop Descriptions

Sacred Breath, our connection to all life...The first step on the flute journey
In our hurried lives, we often forget to do the one thing that can have the greatest benefit to our physical, emotional and spiritual health: Breathing........ Breathing with Intention helps you to relax and reduces stress, improves your skin tone and helps you sleep better. Some studies have even shown that improved breathing helps in losing weight!
By playing the flute, we breathe through our instrument bringing healing to the world, and in turn, health and healing to ourselves. Join us as we begin this Sacred Journey.....

Beginning Flute Playing-From Breath to Sound
Rumi, the 13th century Mystic poet believed that in every breath, we could expel LOVE. When we play this sacred instrument, we have the opportunity to share our love to the world. Tradition says that the “Flute finds you,” now that is has, lets learn together is magical gifts, its sacred songs and open up to it’s offering in our lives.

Creating Beauty, it’s in your Heart, and in the Phrasing…
An open heart is the ultimate form of self-expression and the Flute is one of the most beautiful ways to open up. With an understanding of basic techniques, we can take an ordinary phrase, and turn it in to a touching expression of Beauty….

The Delicate Dance, Musicianship skills for the Flute player
In this class we will learn dynamic phrasing, song development and interpretation, when to play and more importantly, when not to play! The power of Silence, expression, stage fright and the 3 rules of successful public performance will all be explored…..

Beyond Solo-Learning to play with other instruments
The Flute can be a journey of Self Discovery. Join us in discovering the magic of playing with other instruments in a safe, loving and supportive environment. We’ll share our journey with guitars, percussion and drums, Didgeridu, the magical “Hang drum” and more ...Come join the band!

Playing from the Heart: Discovering your Songs
Is your playing in a rut? Are you playing the same old songs and patters over and over? Or are you a new player wondering what to play?....With the Light, Love and Desire we have within us, we can see the Divine Inspiration all around Us. In this “Playshop” our Hearts will be our guide as we allow them to teach us; how to Listen to what we See, how to Feel what we Hear, and how to Play from our Heart….

Sound Healing Ceremony
We know how this magical instrument makes us feel when we play it, with intention and direction, we can use the power our heart and the sound of the flute to bring that magical healing to others. Tapping in to our own intuitive knowing, stepping out of our ego, trusting and allowing our soul to be played, we can call forth the healing power of the universe and offer it to the world....

Soul Flight-Expand your Techniques, expand your expressive potential
Rumi, the 13th century Mystic poet believed that in every breath, we could expel LOVE. When we play this sacred instrument, we have the opportunity to share our love to the world. In this class we will introduce trills, fills, frills, vibrato and some wonderful tonguing techniques.... See you there!

Home Studio Recording Basics
Have you ever wanted to capture that new song in the moment of its birthing? Longing to share your songs with your friends, family, or maybe even the world?? Come learn the basics of home studio recording and get the knowledge, and hands on experience you’ll need to make your own CD!

Drumming for Flute Circles
Have you ever been to a circle when a beat started and folks started to follow along, then slowly, mysteriously, things went slowly awry? So why is this such a challenge? Who’s in charge here? Why can’t we keep a beat? Can it really be that hard?
I say, “Not at all!!” Explore the mystery of simple beats, tempo, meter, and what the heck IS a metronome? Bring a drum, any drum!

Private Lessons
Vince’s enthusiasm for music is infectious and he loves to share his passion for Native and world Flutes. A featured performer and educator at festivals, workshops and schools all over the U.S., Vince can help you access the deep well of expression in side your soul, and support you as you share it with the world.

Vince has performed with Mary Youngblood, Jan Michael-Looking Wolf, Jeff Ball, Peter Phippen, Michael Brecker Bennie Wallace and many others and would love to help you along your flute journey.

Here are what a few former students have to say about Vince's workshops:

“In Vince Chafin's workshop, I felt welcomed into a safe, supportive group atmosphere for exploring my hidden voice through Native Flute. A dynamic performing and recording artist, Vince lives what he teaches, walks his talk and dances his song. I felt inspired and energized and wanting more.”
Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., Art Therapist and Author

“Thank you Vince! It was a wonderful and spirit filled workshop. Your instruction has helped tremendously and I am enjoying your CD on the commute to work! Thank you so much for the great experience with flute energy.”

“I just want to let you know that I truly enjoyed our Camp Ocean Pines workshop. Your passion for your medium and willingness to share your knowledge has touched everyone. Being a teacher myself I feel you have what it takes to reach students at all levels of flute playing. I found a way to deal with performance anxiety that was a direct result from your workshop:)”

“The workshop was just plain outstanding. Your skill at making others comfortable, and willing to share their learning process with the group while you worked with very specific skills in breath work, etc. was a joy to watch and share in the learning. Not to mention the humor made the steep learning cure hysterical.”
Eleanor, Denver CO

“Thanks again for teaching the excellent workshop at Zion. You made us all feel comfortable, had much knowledge to share and an infectious enthusiasm, and demonstrated a true professional dedication to the craft of musicianship.”
David, San Jose CA
Learn to play the Native and other World Flutes - Workshops, Classes and Lessons (Aug 13, 2010)