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Vince Chafin: Ceremony

Sound Healing Ceremonies - October 7, 2008

Here is what some of my clients have to say….

“Vince has a gift for intuitively sensing and then gracefully calling forth and empowering the highest and best in people. His healing work combines the sharp and accurate vision of eagle, the gentleness of deer and the courageous heart of lion.”

“I appreciate your consciousness and openness and the sensitivity and presence you brought to the healing ceremony. It was a wonderful experience for me and I trust the energies are moving in harmony with my spirit.”

“Vince, thank you for helping me to release what needed to be released, embrace what needed to be witnessed, open what needed to be discovered. You create a safe, nurturing and loving environment for me to grow into my true self. What a gift you have.”

“The ceremony we did helped to wake me up from what seems like a long sleep. It has challenged me to stand back in my power and do the things I need to be doing.”

“The healing ceremony you shared with me was so beautiful. All I had to do was come with an open heart & a willingness to breathe. I felt totally peaceful & relaxed afterward & that feeling lasted for several days. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful gift with me.”

"I felt very comfortable and safe during the healing and once again your sensitivity, intuition and love shine through."

"I hope you continue to touch and to help others in their process, offering support as you do, empowering All...."

"By far, this was one of the most profound experiences of my life."

"Vince's authenticity is so beautiful, I feel wonderful after the healing."

"Thank you for putting me so safely and deeply in my body and letting my fly..."

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