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Vince Chafin: Links

Flute Makers

Brent Haines...Master Flute Maker...Wonderful Human Being...
Brent Flutes are outstanding in their beauty, tone and playability...I am honored to play Brent's flutes...I highly recommend them!!
Green Grass Flutes-Geri Littlejohn
I love Geri and she carries the flame so very well....
Waking Spirit-Vance Pennington
Vance and his wife Marby are amazingly beautiful souls and I LOVE his spirit, and his Flutes....
Quiet Bear Creations-Dwight Quiet Bear Lind
One of the sweetest men i have ever met...And a real fine flute maker!
Coyote Oldman
Michael is the Man...A Beautiful Spirit and a Beautiful Human Being....
Ancient Territories-John Stillwell
John is an innovative flute maker and I love playing his flutes!!
Lone Crow Flutes Leonard McGann
One of the funniest men I have ever met! Oh, and a hell of a flute player as well as a superb flute maker.... (540) 297-6077
Laughing Mallard-Custom Flutes by Jeff Calavan
I love Jeff's flutes! period!
Woodland Voices-Colyn Petersen
I absolutely love Colyns Flutes...and he is the nicest guy....
Stellar Flutes-Tom Stewart
Like the name says, they are Stellar!
Meadowlark Flutes-John Kulias
Johns flutes are amazing!
Native Flute-Dennis Hatch
Dennis makes unique flute with excellent voices...these are players...
Shades of Rez-Tim Blueflint
Tim's a great guy, great player and a great flutemaker...
Wind's Song Flutes-Scott Loomis
One of the Best...
Miguel Medina
I play one of his flutes and absolutely love it!
Feather Ridge Flutes-Randy Stenzel
He makes wonderful flutes and his wife makes amazing drums!
Native Love Flutes by Stephen DeRuby
Stephen makes some amazing flutes,,,be sure to check them out
Mountain Flutes by Dennis Lombard
Dennis Lombard is a great guy and a very good flute maker....
Xavier Quijas Yxayotl
A dear Friend and inspiration....
Heartwood Flutes-Raymond Redfeather
Raymond Redfeather is a beautiful spirit and an excellent flute maker. I have a low Cm of his that I use in healing....this is a very special flute...
Earthtone Flutes
Geoffrey Ellis is an exceptional flute maker and a great guy. I HIGHLY recommend his flutes!