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Vince Chafin: Guestbook


May 9, 2014

Hoping all is well for you in life and Music ... Where are you these days? Any chance us Northern California people will have the opportunity to see you and hear you in the near future? We have room for you in Sonoma County!!

bob sedivy

June 25, 2013

Dear Vince:
Thanks so much for the Solstice invocation on June 21. The sage, the clay flute, the blessing: simply divine.


October 2, 2012

Blessings Vince, I am very thankful that I was able to meet you and attend one of your classes at the Yosemite Flute Festival a couple of weeks ago (2012). You are a very special person, listening to your spirit guides and relaying your insights. I absolutely love the "Prana" cd. Such calming, inspiring flute and sounds. Can't wait to play it during a massage session. Namaste


May 28, 2012

Hi, Vince ...I took a half-hour NAF class from you at the recent Zion Flute Fest...just wanted to let you know I'm practicing and getting better haha :) ..I love my 'first ever' flute ...thanks -- it was great meeting you :) ..take care.

Diana Holmes

October 12, 2011

Hi Vince,
I enjoyed the Healing oriented workshop that you gave at Yosemite Flute Festival. It was nice to meet you, have a good year.


November 30, 2010

Would love to have the healing drumming classes here in Washington. When will you be in the area again. Your classes at Flute Quest 2008 and 2009 will be part of me forever. Thanks!

Bob Anderson

October 9, 2010

new flute player...just searching for lessons/instructions/thoughts/ideas

chris bernetchez

May 19, 2010

St. George and Zion had nothing to do with flute or music for was just about re-entry and contact and connecting again after a long stay on the metaphorical descend into all that wonderful energy of those people and healing circles and the land itself...whew!! But I won't miss your gifts next time...

Lee Beffort

May 9, 2010

Hi, I enjoyed your performance yesterday at the Zion Flute & Drum Festival in Springdale, Utah, and the lesson the day before. It was injteresting to watch you do what you discussed in the lesson.

I purchased two CD;, Canyon Lands, & Hang Dreams. When I got back to my RV, I put the Canyon Dreams into my CD player, but nothing played. I got back to my home today, and put it in my home CD player, again, no music. I finally put it in my computer, and it plays beautifully. Very nice music. I love it.

But I am unable to download thiks CD into my iPod so I can take it with me. Any suggestions?

Lee Beffort

madeleine walker

April 27, 2010

love your music and it's message

Patricia Hall

April 25, 2010

It's 5am I cannot sleep
I started listening to your flute music and it started a thunderstorm
rain pelting my roof as though the sky was crying for me over the loss of my friend Pat.......your music is so soothing It's as tho through you the Universe says, like a Mother, like Mother Earth, Death is a part of Life.....still a Mystery as the thunder rumbles like a broken heart


April 15, 2010

Thank you for sharing your amazing talents and spirit with me at our recent Ocean Pines workshop/retreat. I hear your 'voice' in the wind ~

Montara Speaks in Spirit and Wellness,


bill (bones) noble

March 23, 2010

Hi Vince,

I am a buddy of Leo.... the silent guy who videotaped you and Leo playing in Golden some time ago.

Any news about Leo... I know about all the shit..... but have not heard anything from him. Spoken with Karen and Dorothy but it seems Leo is withdrawn.

Wished I could have spent a bit of time one on one with you when you were last here in Golden.

I have just completed a strawbale building and bought a few good mics. to begin recording some tunes I have written over the last five years.... long history behind me in recording and writing with friends in the old world.

Anyhow, digyourstyle.



March 6, 2010

Hey Vince,

Saw your site on cascadia flute circle. Seen you at FLUTE QUEST at saltwater park. You & Will, Gary S. & the Conga guy! great show. Picked up Prana, real mellow stuff. I hung out after show to help Ancient Sounds with some gear / roadie-ing. Had some shop talk with Will & Gary & You, sorry can't remember the Drummers name; great guy! I'd really enjoy one of your workshops up here in wash; oregon area. Hope to here you & the boys again soon!


December 3, 2009

Hey Vince,

Happy Holidays...Hoping you are very very well, and optimistic that we will see each other and play together in the new year. al


November 16, 2009

Hi Vince,
I met you at Zion, in st George this year. Your music is great. I am planning to buy more music as I have extra to spend.
Peace and Blessings

Harold Tervort

October 4, 2009

Hi Vince,

This is way after the horse left the barn, and I apologize for not contacting you beforehand, but... better late than never?

I started a thread on the Flute Portal about flute circle etiquette (, in which I mention that your help on etiquette at the April Ocean Pines Workshop was instrumental in the piece being written.

I fear that I should have contacted you for permission to use your name, and I am writing to apologize for not contacting you first. If you would like your name removed, please just email me back and consider it done.

Thanks for all you do for the NAF and us fluties.

Harold Tervort


September 14, 2009

I'm trying to find the CD of Hang Dreams...can't find it on the web site...any suggestions? I heard it at a friend's house and loved it!

Cameron Weckerley

September 6, 2009

Great music and website. Very inspiring.

Chris Lynn (Chris Patten in high school)

August 20, 2009

Hi Vince,
I came across your name via facebook, and thought, "I remember that guy!" It is a genuine pleasure to see what you have done. Your music is beautiful, and I am buying some for my massage/bodywork practice. Congratulations on your success of the heart. Maybe someday I can take a class from you to learn how to play my lovely walnut bass flute--I do not do it justice!
Be well,
Chris Lynn


August 11, 2009

Flute Quest 2009 near Seattle at Saltwater State Park this coming weekend. Welcome, Vince!!

David Bird

July 18, 2009

Vince, Just found your site. I was amazed by your talent and the journey you are on. Look forward to seeing and hearing you next time you play in the area. Best wishes to you and your family.

Char Jennings

July 2, 2009

Thank you for the Native American Flute Workshop at our Retreat in The Pines '09. As your new friend, Rafael said so eloquently . "You are a kind man." All fears started to melt away as we picked up our flutes for the first time and tried out our new voices. I can breathe more deeply...
thank you


June 20, 2009

Hi Vince, I see that you are going to be on the East Coast in July if you happend to be passing through the Washington DC area, giveme a holler.


Linda Saccoccio

June 14, 2009

Who is your photographer? Your photos are stunning!!
Your website is really pleasant and easy to use too. Who is your web designer?
Hope to see you this evening.
Love and light.

Don Thorson, LMP

June 5, 2009

I must commend you on your new CD, Hang Dreams, what excellant work, my clients(and I) are enjoying it to it's fullest while getting a massage from me. Vince I owe you one, thanks. Call me when you are in town, we'll get you on the table...

Russ Behrmann

June 1, 2009

Still basking brother...still basking. Affirmation, confirmation and reconciliation. Thanks for sharing your journey in so many ways.

Amy Gaiennie and Ken Kingsley

May 25, 2009

My husband and I attended the recent concert in Springdale. We really loved it--every single musician up there was wonderful. Liked the mixture of tradition, jazz, and rock 'n' roll. Dug your groovy, gravelly voice. Thanks for a wonderful concert. Best wishes, Amy Ken says hi too.

Barbra Frisbie

May 23, 2009

Thank you for a very lovely, spontaneous, warm, giving, talented, versatile, and artistic program tonight in Springdale, Utah. I desire especially to thank you for wishing "Clarece Johns" through "Madison" a happy birthday. Clarece's face lit up beyond words - she was fully surprised. How intuitive you were to have Madison do the wishing - Clarece absolutely loves and adores children. Thank you, Vince, for taking the time to respond to my request on behalf of Clarece. I hope to catch up with you at more of your concerts, and also learn more of your Shamanic healings. I'm hoping you will be performing in or around Santa Barbara somewhere around July 21-30, as I will be attending a family/friend reunion on 7/26/09, plus visiting my son and his family in Oxnard, CA. I had so desired to attend your flute class in Springdale this past week - I melted when I read your words about the breath being everything when playing the Native American flute. I have always believed that, but have yet figured out how to develop that flow. I hope to catch these teachings from you another time when work does not interfere. Take care and God Bless. It truly was a meaningful concert tonight. Namaste.


May 17, 2009

Hi Vince,
You took 2 pictures of Robert Mirabal & friend to send back to me and I thankyou very much. May the light of Spirit fill your Heart with Love Always, Linda


February 26, 2009

Any space available for workshop this weekend? Pls. call me 805 440-8246. namaste, Amie

Evvy Boggess

February 25, 2009

Hi Vince
I would love to go to your show at the healing center this weekend but I will be out of town. I would love to learn to play the flute, I am also an American Indian we are Cahilla indians from the Palm Springs area. I go to their indian festivals and also some of the Chumash ones here in Santa Ynez. I have been studying Shamanic Healing for many years and have done some drumming and sage healings as well as some drum circles. Let me know when you start your flute classes. Also do you have a place to get a good flute??I have checked various websites in the past but I do not know what kind to buy and some are very expensive so I need a lesson on what to buy.
Love and light to you
Evvy Boggess

Florence Riggs/ aka Florence Mercurio Riggs

December 28, 2008

My dear Vince! Love you and miss you. Saw the SummerSongsWest family last night. Music was great, but your presence was missed indeed! Have a mystical time with Michelle on the Downey's buffalo ranch. Kiss them all for me, and bring a touch of the magic of the Aurora Borealis back with you! Infinite Love and Peace, FloBear

Pamela Hobson

December 17, 2008

BLessings to you dear one! I have not met you personally but feel that I know you somehow. I understand what you mean when you strive to speak the language of the heart. I also strive to speak this language as much as possible. I am a mother of 4 young daughters who is searching for the sacred in each moment, wishing to sing the song of the heart with the same intention in mind, healing, beauty and higher love/ awareness of the incredible universe great and small inside and around each of us. For me, Sound and/or Music Healing in the Native Tradition, or Indiginous Light means merely recognizing and opening to channeling as you mentioned like the flute itself, the ancient wisdom which is rooted in reverence, respect for all life and an openness to live life from the heart with an open and conscious , conscientious mind. Looking forward to meeting you at CCL in Moorestown and sharing in heart and mind and body the incredible gift of song and healing music. BLessings and Light to you , Pamela

lou spaventa

December 10, 2008

I hadn't guessed at this spiritual side of you. I had actually been thinking of you and your flute and Swiss hang. My sister in law loved the CD. Anyway, what I was thinking is that I would like to make music with you on one of my string instruments: guitar, double bass, mandolin, bazouki and mountain banjo. I like the idea of creating a space of peace and contemplation through music. Lou Spaventa (

peter andrews

October 12, 2008

dear Vince,
i'm a fellow flute player down oxnard. i've been playing for about six months and just recently found out about you.
i sent an e-mail to Rich Halliburton (Hermosa Beach) asking if he knew of any flute circles near me and he said (so. cal.) is pretty slim pickings.
it would be nice to meet with you sometime and visit. i've never had a chance to talk and gain inspiration from a fellow lover of the NAF.
i can tell your really busy, but i'd be happy to drive up and buy lunch.
thanks for your time,
Peter Andrews 805-415-6118

Bob Hurst

September 26, 2008

WOW! Where do I start.. Vince your music, the marvelous instruments, answered some heartfelt desire at last.I had to miss the Fest.I sure hope to make contact.Bob(Shamote)


September 22, 2008

Thank you for honoring my integrity by offering me the opportunity to send you a check for the two CD's. "It is in the mail." Keep the "jammin'" part of your concerts!Bothell was ..whew....

Nino Reyos

September 19, 2008

Dude, Your everywhere, spreading the music to all. keep it up and see you somewhere on the flute trail.

Cryss BlackWolf

September 9, 2008

Lifeforce emanates from your musical expression like a Gift of yourself. I never cease to soar High in the stratosphere of Dreams when listen to your music, and find they feed the soul and nourish it for Dream Journeys. It will be both a pleasure and an honor to meet you in Yosemite at the Yosemite Flute Festival.


September 6, 2008

Healing is taking place as I listen to your flute speak. Thnak you for making it available. Attending Flute Quest in Washington will be a blessing to all of us. I will be participating in the Sacred Breath workshop and attending your evening concert.
God Speed.


August 24, 2008

Hello there, just wanna say that I was honnored to be playing with you, and that I had a Blast!
Here in Vegas we are putting a 10 min max show with different companies, and has it says, everyone have 10 minutes, but it is with the Visual Background and multi-media productions that I have been talking about.
Me and my taĆ­ko ensemble with the dancers are going to be performing on sept 22nd, and I am trying to get in touch with Bill to see if you guys would be interested in joining this venture.
The Photo Op will be absolutely incredible.
I know that there is a couple of 10 minutes slots still open; please let me know if that is something which interests you???
Love You

george gleckler

August 13, 2008

would like to have a private lesson with you at yosemite flute festival. please let me know if it is possible and which day and times are available


Dennis Cloud

August 8, 2008

I was at your concert last night in Henderson NV, you guys were so great I was just blown away. I hope you guys hook up again some were close ,I will surely come . I am going to take one of your workshops at Yosemite


July 12, 2008

Hi HeartWhisperer! So happy to hear you have another CD coming out!!! Many blessings to you :)
In great love and light, Seneca & the horses


June 20, 2008

vince, your website is beautiful and captivating. it presents you so honestly and humbly. nice to know more of your story on this journey the creator is leading you. talk to you soon.

Jeanne Lyle

June 14, 2008

Vince, Thank you for your fantastic flute lessons at the Zion Flute School. I got brave and played for my yogi friends at the labyrinth on top of the hill on Thursday. I remembered to keep the lips small and the lungs and heart big. It was soooo much fun - everything was fun.

Don Thorson, LMP

January 12, 2008

We met at Flute Quest in Bothell,WA and I wanted to thank you for allowing me to purchase a copy of Prana to use in my massage room,my friends and clients are loving it. Keep up the wonderful work.


Frank Mascola

December 28, 2007

I know I was lead to your sight. Your music makes me see things in my time of medatation.
you see, I have a Native American guide. his name is Ta Tonka Yu Taka.
Thank you your music brought peace to my soul.
Frank Mascola

Danielle & Bain (student nurses)

December 1, 2007

It was a wonderful experience to have shared dreams with you amongst the Santa Barbara party vibe. We send you positive energy towards your future adventures.
Dani and Bain

Florence Mercurio Riggs

November 23, 2007

Vince- Just turned a friend on to your web site (he also plays flutes and bass) who was so excited about the "Hang" and it's wonderful sound! And, what a nice surprise to find the photo of you and me from SummerSongsWest, " 'Hanging' with Florence Riggs". It's always great fun and spiritual expansion to create music with you! You are a blessing and a beautiful Soul. Keep doing your thing, and know that you always do it so well. I look forward to the next time, as always. AND, it's always a joy to work on your voice with you. I'm there for you when you need my expertise!
Love and Big Hug,


October 21, 2007

Was great to actually meet you and spend a few minutes visiting. Look forward to future meetups. BTW.. nice job with the anasazi tune... what a challenge that one is.

Dennis Laughlin

October 8, 2007

Vince, enjoyed meeting and visiting with you Saturday at the Oklahoma Festival, and specially enjoyed the "world premier" of the "Tallequah Strut". Though I was a tad disappointed at missing Brent, you filled in admirably and it was great to meet and visit with you.

Peace and blessings,


September 19, 2007


Ruth King

September 5, 2007

You've been on my heart, dear one. Hoping you are enjoying your love journey. I'm so excited about the CDs you sent my way--thank you. When you return home, you will have a love offering from me. Meanwhile, take good care, hurry home, and stay in touch. Ruth

Ray Ruhlen

September 5, 2007

I took two workshops from you at the Flute Quest gathering in Bothell. They were great. You mentioned the Hang, I didnt know if it was the Swiss instrument I have heard before. That's quite expensive, which tuning do you have?
I bought an Anasazi flute from Michael Allen at the Quest. Do you play it on any of the tracks on the Prana CD which I bought there? I tried to put the cd on my computer disk, but it comes out with only one track. What format is it recorded in?
Hope to see you again soon.

Anthony Natividad

August 5, 2007

Hey Vince!
Very cool to meet you and spend some time with you in Zion! hope you're enjoying the nose flute!
Mahalo and blessings!

Frances Meyer

June 19, 2007

I am a member of the Desert Cloud Flute Circle in Las Vegas. I heard about you from Bill Hoshal. I look forward to meeting you in September.

Lia Marquez

March 24, 2007

hey Vince,
this is Lia from the YMCA, had a personal question re: flutes and peace pipes. If you get a chance please give me a call 805-729-6182 . Oh and the kids would love to see you again.

jan smith

March 14, 2007

Thanks for the music! Your bass playing is awesome and I'm looking forward to hearing the native american flute music in concert - hoping that signing in here at the guestbook puts me on your mailing list for live performances. Thanks, Vince!


March 14, 2007

How wild was it when I came across your site! So happy for you that you followed your dream...though I was so hoping to hear you do "super chicken" ha! I also took a spiritual journey and decided that holistic massage therapy was my calling and had my own studio in Oak View before we moved (now in Reno) and am working on continuing with that here. Hope all is wonderful with you. How is Blaine? Just in case you can't recall.....Toni from Mission...Take care you...Hope to see you perform someday!


February 2, 2007

I came by your site by accident and want to stay here always...The music captures your mind and soul..I would be honored if you drop by to visit with me...


January 28, 2007

You have a wonderful site and wonderful music. its been a great honor to come and visit your site. thanks :)



January 22, 2007

I think the Panzumo album, Speaking in Tongues and Your Sacred Space CD's are works of art and we are blessed to hear such a beautiful sound! Thank You!

Bob Helton

December 14, 2006

Sorry to took me so long to get a CD. Just ordered one from CD Baby. I hope all is well with you. I cannot wait to get prada. When I am in SB I will stop by the church for worship with you guys
Life is good old friend,

Giovanny Tabango

December 10, 2006

Hi, I just went into your website I think your music is cool, I also play some native american flute music too. Keep up with the great work and sharing your music with the peple.....


December 10, 2006

Hello Vince,
What is this magical instrument that I fell in love with on Saturday? (12/9 famers market) Love at first note! Never experienced anything like that before... You told me, but my mind was seduced by the sound and all I can remember now is "bass flute." Hope to see you both again at one of the upcoming venues.
Peace and healing to you too,

Gentle Thunder

November 30, 2006

Hi Vince!

It was great to share time together at Flute Quest 2006. It was a treat to experience your voice on the flute as well as your encouragement of the young ones to get up on stage and PLAY.
I am long overdue in writing you a note but hey today is the day! I will be in the Bay area this coming weekend doing a couple of gigs with Will & Amo... shoot me a note if you will be in the area too. It would be great to see you again.
Until then... here's to the magic of music...and the power of the heart to sing out.

Blessings and smiles,

Dan DiCicco

October 21, 2006

What a great surprise to learn a little more about the delightful person who rode with us to the Amador Wine Country last Thursday. I forgot to tell you last night, in addition to your spell-binding duet with Mary Youngblood, and your perfect bass accompaniment, how GREAT your bird whistle came through. Wow. Wine, sushi, flutes, concert, Joanne, Mary and Rita - what a ride! You are welcome to our home any ole time your heart desires. Thank you for a GREAT time, Vince.

Randy Granger

October 19, 2006

Vince. What a treat to meet and hear you play and talk with you at Zion Canyon Flute Fest 2006. Your set on Sunday was blazin! Dang, you can sure play that flute along with every other instrument on stage of course....soon your very own Hang drum. Woo Hoo!
Randy Granger

Jeremiah M. Gibbons

October 14, 2006

Hey Vince.
Just dropping a line to say hey. How is work and life? Im still chipping away at the Brooks curriculum. I was glad to see that you were able to post the pictures, I take it you liked some. Im around doing the do. Give me a call sometime.
I was wondering how you would feel about putting my name in tiny letters or something under those babys? I just got excited when I saw them and for the fact that I have never had anything displayed before Im trying to get my name out there. I bet you get a lot of hits on your site too. Just curious.
Jeremiah Gibbons.

ps. has anyone asked about your portrait images?

Mauri Wilson (A-SU-YE-TA)

October 10, 2006

Wishing with all my heart I could be at Zion this weekend to hear you play in person. This beautiful, sacred place is one of the most special in my past - it has been many, many years. I will be listening across the miles.


September 18, 2006

Cama'i (Aleut Greetings) Vince!

Wonderful meeting and playing with you at Flute Quest 2006, in Washington! "Quyanaa" (Thanks!) for enhancing my set- (I especially appreciated the improvised rehearsal- with the upside down plastic garbage can, and the 3 lb. bag of almonds!
--No peanuts for you!! Heheh...) Hope to see ya on da road! Blessings- Mary Youngblood

Florence Mercurio Riggs

July 20, 2006

I JUST love you t h i s much!!
For a moment I 'd forgotten who you are, then my soul reached forward, backward and around the cosmic Diamond of First Sound and memory came flooding through!!! We MUST TALK!!!!
Please call me, or send me your number/s!
818 990 1221, or cell: 818 430- 5889
Love, Friendship, Harmony and Sweet Soundings,
Florence / Flobear

Anne-Marie Charest

July 14, 2006


Thansk for your call today. I tried leaving you a message but your mailbox did not accpt it. I am looking forward to starting class.

Please call - Cell 708-6363

Bob Zimmerman

July 6, 2006

Thanks for talking with me today about recording. Looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you at the festival!

Mark Church (Quail Spirit)

June 20, 2006

Vince, Great sound and wonderful story. I wish you continued success and peace. Safe Journeys, Mark

PS: I hope to meet you at Zion in October.

Christine Badaracco

April 7, 2006

Hi Vince!
Love your site! Love your attitude and love your music. I hope to get to the "Tavern" tomorrow Night but don't know for sure yet.
Love Ya,

Michelle Iris

February 15, 2006

Hi, I got your sacred space cd a while ago and I really like it. Would it be okay if I make a copy for my boyfriend? Please let me know.


Emiliano Campobello

February 6, 2006

It was great seeing and hearing and feeling your song today. Great vibe! I enjoyed more of your muic this evening here on your website, and will try to come see you at the gem show. Thanks for your gifts.. Visit our site to see what we do when you get a chance..


January 2, 2006

I stumbled upon your website by accident, although it is my belief there are no accidents or coincidences. Flute and harp are my favorite instruments as well as maintaining an interest in Native American ritual.

Thank you for brining more music into the Universe.


Arlene Buklarewicz

November 11, 2005

We send you our warmest aloha and gratitude for the performance at Kelley's house last night! We feel very priveleged to have listened to such beautiful sounds that both you and Jill had the expertise to share with us. We hopwe you found the Hawaiian nose flute that Paul left for you. It probably needed a demolding after the rainforest dampness that it lived in We hope that we cross paths with you both again.

Arlene & Paul

Rupert Tripp Jr.

November 11, 2005

Aloha Vince, my wife (Adele) and I had a good time at Kelly's home. We enjoyed the music you and Jill shared with us. On our way home we listened to your CD that you graciously gave to us and we enjoyed it very much. I hope to stay in touch and perhaps someday work together on stage or on a project. Until i hear from you take care of yourself and God Bless. Please give our regards to Jill.
Rupert & Adele

Nino Reyos

October 25, 2005

What a pleasure to meet you at the flute festival. hopefully we can jam out together in the near future. Let me know and I can send you a photo from the 2002 Winter Game Opening ceremony where I performed.

Judy Surdez

June 22, 2005

Just wanted to check out your website -- received wonderful praises of you and your work in Sofanya's newsletter. Isn't she a WONDER-full being? Well, I will definitely be checking back and will purchase a CD soon.

Best of luck to you in all of your endeavors,


rick beckett

May 19, 2005


My daughter is taking guitar from Cinder, and we asked her to recommend an electric bass teacher for our son Michael 13. She immediately thought of you and suggested that we get in touch.

Are you available to teach Michael beginning either in mid-July or at the beginning of the school year?
Could you give us some of the details in terms of how/where you work etc?



Cinder Jean

March 29, 2005

I love your website. Your photo gallery is very cool! You really are the coolest guy in Santa Barbara. Keep on rockin...

sonny Armstrong

February 20, 2005

Would you and Jill be interested in possibly playing on Earth Day April 17th in Stow Park...

Karen Thurber

February 4, 2005

Just found your website by chance. Very nice.
Listened to Summer Breeze. I hear a guitar but the credits say otherwise. Very nice piece.
All the best to you on your musical journey.

Rebecca Wave

January 29, 2005

Hi Vince! Just got your application to Seven South Record Shop and wanted to check out your site. It's got such a nice feel to it and I really enjoyed your beautiful flute! Steve & I are looking forward to carrying your cd(s) and hearing you live when we can.

Lisa Beck

January 20, 2005

Great site...great talent...great guy! Looking forward to many future musical collaborations!

Duane Austin

January 19, 2005

Wow Man!! This cite is pretty tight!! Let's join forces once again, for another on of those funky colabos.
Holler @ me
The Brotha

Mr. Connie Bullard

January 18, 2005

Way to go Vince, Great stuff!!!!

Terri Cooper

January 16, 2005

Lovely music Vince. I couldn't get the song
'The Trickster" to play but heard the others.
You have a wonderful gift.

Blue Star

January 16, 2005

Vince, Great to see your new site up and running, Looking forward to hearing and sharing your new CD....Thanks for all that you are!...In Love and Light...Blue Star

Christopher Zerbe

January 15, 2005

VC - quite possibly the coolest site I've ever seen . . . you da man.