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Vince Chafin: Bio

Vince's early childhood memories are bathed in music. "My Father was a child of the 50's and was heavily influenced by Country, Blues, Soul, R&B and early Rock and Roll", says Vince. This may explain his diverse and far reaching musical styles which range from Willie Nelson to James Brown.

"I started playing guitar at around 12 or 13 years old, standing in the middle of my bedroom, swaying my hips and singing Teddy Bear just like Elvis!"

This logically led Vince to join a country duo at 14 years old which toured So. California’s Old Time Fiddlers Contests, BBQs, Barn Dances, County Fairs and Tractor Beauty Contests.

A few garage bands later and a switch to the Bass found Vince in High School being recruited, hijacked really, in to the Jazz Band. He’d only been playing Bass a few weeks. “I really didn’t know anything about jazz or how to read music, but this crazy guy, Coke Smith, was so persistent and had my schedule changed before I could say no.” Two weeks later at their first competition for the year, Vince won an outstanding soloist award and was hooked. “ I was sure they had it wrong. I was lost for most of the gig. I guess the judges took pity on me, or really loved my shirt.”

After High School, Vince was recruited by an equally persistent Doug Davis of Cal State Bakersfield to join his jazz program. “I played in several jazz combos and their big band and eventually was invited to join Doug’s own band, Sanctuary. We were together for almost a decade and had a great time of it. Doug was by far my biggest musical influence and a genuine mentor. We played anywhere and everywhere: from Jazz Festivals in front of thousands to bars with empty chairs - a true musical journey.”

While playing and touring with Sanctuary, Vince maintained a steady performance schedule with local jazz, funk, dance and country bands as well as playing in the City College Jazz Bands directed by Chuck Wood. “I was so very lucky to play with so many great players over the years: Michael Brecker, Freddy Hubbard, Matt Catingoub, Benny Wallace, Allan Vazzutti and many others.”

Back in the 80’s the LA Jazz Workshop was a hot bed for jazz guys and Vince won a spot in their “A and B” bands. “This was a reading gig and man, you really had to be on it!!”

Slowing down to raise a family in the 90’s and moving from his home town, Vince began to rekindle his musical flame in earnest in 2000. “I started going to some of the local Jazz society events and meeting the local players, which led to a string of gigs with Jeff Elliot and others.”

“I still love to play jazz, but my interests continue to broaden and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some wonderful local talent. I've worked with bands as diverse as: The Stiff Pickle Orchestra, Three Days Later, Area 51, Panzumo, Zach and the Modern View, Mac Talley and Foam Scape.”

“In the last couple of years, I’ve started to work with a lot of singer/songwriters as a player, producer and co-writer, which has brought me a tremendous amount of joy. I've worked with folks like Kenny Edwards, Cindy Alter, Kate Bennett, Jeff Bisch, Cinder Jean, Ron Antman, Jill Whitmore, Nicola Gordon, Adam Lieb, Donna DeLory, Niki Haris, Mary YoungBlood, Jan Michael Lookingwolf and Jeff Ball. What a treat it is to create with such wonderful people.”

In 2004, Vince has turned his attention to Native, Anasazi and pre-Columbian Aztec Flutes, co-creating with Spirit to bring Beauty, Love and Peace into the world through his music. “I have felt what these sacred instruments do to me, and I have witnessed repeatedly the healing they can bring to others.” "This path has changed my life and truly saved it. It has deepened my connection to Spirit, opened my heart and has allowed the Creator to flow through so beautifully. I feel Blessed and Grateful..."

"Last year, early 2010, my mother told me that her Grand Mother was Choctaw and Cherokee, so Ill be heading to Oklahoma soon to do some research on my heritage. Its funny that that flutes came first and that they were the vehicle to open this door."

“My Mission is to bring these instruments and the love and healing they create to as many people as I possibly can.”