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Vince Chafin: Home

Blessings Loved Ones....

Welcome, I am honored that you have taken the time to stop by.

It is my intention to create music that reflects the LOVE in my HEART for all LIFE, and to bring HEALING and PEACE to all that hear it.

I just received the follow note from a sweet woman in Oregon.....

" Just wanted you to know I have been listening to your music for the past several days, on repeat, as I finish writing my first novel. It's beautiful."

Pema T, OR

Thank you Pema, its such an honor to bring some Peace and Beauty to peoples lives....

Though I play several instruments, this site is mostly dedicated to World Flutes: Native flutes, Anasazi Flute, Pre-Columbian Clay Flutes, the "Hang" Drum, the Moyo Drum and music I create with them. The Native Flute and the Anasazi Flutes are both indigenous to North America and though spanned all across America, they are mostly associated with the peoples of the South West.

The Hang was created in Switzerland and sounds like a gong, Tibetan bells and steel drums all melted together with honey and water....Alluring and intoxicating.......

I hope to meet you at one of my performances real soon.

In Love and Light,



I am traveling all over the US and Canada to share my music, my heart and to teach folks just like you how to play these wonderful instruments. Allow me to share some of my experiences and provide a safe place for you and your fellow explorers to learn. If you would like me to come to your town, please let me know!

A Happy student shares her thoughts....

“The workshop was just plain outstanding. Your skill at making others comfortable, and willing to share their learning process with the group while you worked with very specific skills in breath work, etc. was a joy to watch and share in the learning. Not to mention the humor made the steep learning cure hysterical.”

Eleanor, Denver CO

Check out my Workshop page for more details....

You can order CD's from the links below or check out my tour schedule to see if I'll be doing a show near you soon.

Soothing World Flute music perfect for meditation, massage, yoga and finding the spirit within.

Like a relaxing stroll along the beach, or the sweet comfort of a spring rain, Prana will gently carry your stress to the wind. Featuring seven of my favorite Native and World Flutes and the sounds of nature, this is 72 minutes of pure bliss.

Just click on the CD below to order yours today!


The haunting melodies of the Native Flute on a unique musical journey from the Hoh Rainforest, the majestic Sierras and a beautiful oasis in the desert. This is a truly unique blend of contemporary and traditional instruments. Sacred Space is a one of a kind Flute CD!

Find your Sacred Space now by clicking the CD below...

VINCE CHAFIN: Sacred Space